Corrupt Donald Trump Kisses Ass of Murderous Philippine Leader for Money!

It seems like every day, the US’s horrifying President-elect, the orange-skinned man-baby Donald Trump, reveals a new disgusting aspect to his “leadership.” As Newsweek reports, his relationship with Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte may be one of the worst. Elected in May, Duterte bragged during his campaign about having shot a fellow law school student for teasing him. He has also supported the killing, by vigilantes, of suspected criminals…and homeless children living on the streets. Duterte has even compared himself positively to Adolf Hitler. “I’d be happy to slaughter [drug addicts],” he said. “At least if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have [me].” It’s estimated that under Duterte’s reign, thousands of Filipinos have been murdered by death squads.

And yet, it’s reported that on December 2, Trump spoke to Duterte by phone and explicitly approved of his murderous regime. He may even have invited this despot to the White House!

Why? For the only reason this human garbage pile does anything: Money. Trump Tower at Century City in Makati, Philippines, is nearly finished, with over 90 percent of the condominiums already spoken for, according to Century Properties, the local developer. (Remember: the Trump Organization rarely actually builds anything—they just sell the use of the President-elect’s name.) Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, traveled to Makati to shovel ceremonial dirt at the building site; his daughter Ivanka’s jewelry line is offered for sale on the building’s website. Under the terms of the deal, Trump’s children will make millions throughout their father’s presidency from Century Properties. Oh, and the head of Century Properties? His name is Jose E.B. Antonio, and Duterte has named him the Philippines’ special envoy to the U.S. There can be no more obvious conflict of interest than a government envoy literally writing checks to the President’s children, while simultaneously negotiating with their breathtakingly corrupt father.

This should be an impeachable offense! Share if you agree that this kind of corruption must not be allowed to stand!


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