Is the Corrupt Trump Administration in Violation of Insider Trading Law? (Yes.)

Any sane person knows that Donald Trump is a repulsive criminal. He’s a New York-based real estate developer; of course he’s corrupt. Tragically, he’s a repulsive criminal who managed to dupe a minority of American citizens (located in electorally advantageous states) into electing him President.

Fortunately, there are still laws that regulate precisely the intermingling of politics and business that the election of a morally bankrupt sociopath like Trump represents. According to Politico, Democratic lawmakers are looking into how the STOCK Act might be applicable to his business holdings. The 2012 law was designed to restrict insider trading by members of Congress and their staff. But ethics lawyers assert that it also applies to the president, and Trump’s real estate ventures might also be covered by it.

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), a co-sponsor of the law, is arranging meetings between her staff and outside experts and Democrats on the House oversight committee, to determine how the law can be used to bring Trump’s White House under control, before it’s too late. For example, Trump might violate the law by giving his children information that they then act on, or inviting them to participate in government meetings where they would learn information they could (and of course would, since they’re Trumps and therefore as ethically bankrupt as their disgusting father) to enrich themselves.

“As long as he maintains an interest in his businesses, the temptations and opportunities for information to leak back-and-forth between him and his family will be too profound,” Norm Eisen, President Obama’s former ethics adviser , told Politico via email. “The alternative threatens violation of the STOCK Act and other laws, and so scandal for him, his family, and the country.” Of course, Trump has already proven that “scandal” doesn’t affect him – he doesn’t care about his reputation, and neither do his ignorant thug voters. Still, something has to be done.

There is simply no doubt that this is not only going to happen – it was the entire goal of this criminal’s campaign. Share to spread the word about Trump’s corruption before he has the chance to violate the law!


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