Trump Punishes Twitter for Refusing to Allow a “Crooked Hillary” Emoji

Despite their figurehead President-elect knowing basically nothing about the internet (he tweets from a phone and reportedly doesn’t read articles online, gaining all his knowledge of the world from cable news and whatever his reptilian advisers hiss in his orange ears), the Trump cabal staged a massive meeting with tech companies recently, in order to find new avenues for exploitation. But as Politico reported, Twitter—the company you’d think would be Trump’s favorite, since his disgusting tweets were crucial to his horrifying campaign—was shut out, because they’d refused to allow the use of an emoji to replace the phrase “Crooked Hillary” in his and his knuckle-walking supporters’ tweets.

Frankly, Twitter should be honored to have been excluded from this meeting. They’re the only major tech company to say, on the record, that they won’t participate in creating a database of Muslims, which the repulsive Trump has already proposed. Share this story if you think Twitter should get as far away from Trump as possible—wouldn’t it be great if his account was shut down?


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