Trump’s Cowardly Attempts to Duck Out of Deposition DENIED by Judge

When Donald Trump launched his Presidential campaign with a racist tirade against Mexicans, back in June 2015, celebrity chef Jose Andres responded as any self-respecting Latino would, by canceling plans to open a restaurant in the orange-skinned bigot’s new Washington, DC hotel (Trump’s very ownership of which is a conflict of interest). Naturally, Trump sued Andres. Now, a deposition is coming up, and Politico reports that DC Superior Court Judge Jennifer Di Toro has refused to grant Trump’s lawyers’ motion requesting that he not have to testify.

The corrupt wad of slime who will, unbelievably, take over as US President in January 2017 wants to avoid testifying; his lawyers have asked to limit his appearance to two hours, rather than the customary seven. They also want to keep Andres’ legal team from asking questions that duplicate those asked in a similar suit filed against another chef, Geoffrey Zakarian, who also decided he’d rather not be associated with the soiled Trump brand.

Unfortunately for team Trump, the judge wrote, “The Court finds that entry of a protective order would cause significant prejudice to the Defendants by inhibiting their right to prepare the case for trial, and minimal, if any, prejudice to Mr. Trump, whose schedule the Defendants have agreed to accommodate…The Court finds that Mr. Trump has unique personal knowledge relevant to the claims presented in the instant action and has not shown good cause for the entry of a protective order.”

Admittedly, this story is a relatively minor tale of Trump corruption. He’s just trying to duck of the legal and business consequences of his repugnant rhetoric. Still, it’s worth keeping in mind as just one more example of how this vile man attempts to bluster past anyone who opposes him, then turns cowardly when actual confrontation looms. Share if you agree!


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