Corrupt Trump Refusing to Divest from His Companies

Repulsive kleptocrat Donald Trump will apparently not be fulfilling his ethical responsibility to divest from his various businesses when he slime-trails his way into the White House in January. According to CNN, the phony billionaire will be leaving the day-to-day running of his globe-spanning con games to his dead-eyed sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, but he’ll retain his financial interest in them. Wall Street Journal reporter Monica Langley explained exactly how such a disgustingly corrupt move will be explained away.

“He’s not going to divest them,” she told Anderson Cooper. “He is going to lay out how he will not be involved at all. But he’s going to still plan to own it and the reason they’re not going to sell it … is at first everyone thought, ‘Well if they sold it, it’ll be a fire sale.'”

The orange-skinned man-baby was expected to hold a press conference this week to explain exactly how he was planning to shed himself of his businesses, in order to remove the taint of corruption from his incoming administration…but he cancelled it. And now we know why—because he’s planning to be every bit the dishonest, thieving scumbag as President that he’s always been. Share this story if you’re as repulsed by this as we are!


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