Trump’s HHS Nominee Takes Money From Companies He’ll Be Regulating

It’s almost like the Trump cabal is challenging itself to find new ways to be corrupt. Or at least, find ways to be even more blatant about it than anyone before them. The vile, orange-skinned man-baby who’s nominally in charge of this RICO case disguised as a Presidential transition team has chosen Representative Tom Price to head up the Department of Health and Human Services. And according to Salon, Price hasn’t just received millions of dollars in donations from companies with business before HHS—he owns stock in them, too!

To be fair to Price, he does actually know something about medicine; he was an orthopedic surgeon for 20 years before slithering into politics. But he has distinguished himself in Congress as an ex-doctor who seems to have an obsession with taking health care options away from as many people as possible. He’s proposed repealing the Affordable Care Act in its entirety, privatizing Medicare, slashing federal Medicaid funding, and abolishing the rules that require states to use Medicaid money to actually take care of sick people. In 2007, he even opposed expanding the Children’s Health Insurance Program, calling it “government-run socialized medicine.”

So once again we see that if the repulsive Donald Trump nominates someone to head an agency, they’re basically guaranteed to either be totally ignorant of what that agency does, or be a sworn enemy of its stated mission and strictly in it for the lobbying and bribery opportunities. Share this story if you’re as disgusted as we are by this horrifying, almost breathtakingly cynical nomination.


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