Uncultured Idiot Trump Wants Sylvester Stallone to Head the NEA

First Blood was a great movie. The Expendables was dumb fun. But if any more proof was required that US President-elect Donald Trump is an uncultured imbecile, he’s reportedly looking to appoint Sylvester Stallone to head the National Endowment for the Arts, the federal organization responsible for disbursing funds to support the best of American culture. The New York Daily News reports that Trump has approached Stallone about the job, which fortunately for world culture, requires Senate confirmation.

In an interview with Variety, Stallone recently praised the orange-skinned man-baby, saying, “I love Donald Trump. There are certain people … that are bigger than life. But I don’t know how that translates to running the world.” The phrase “flattery will get you everywhere” is usually treated like a joke. But when it comes to the bottomless corruption and pitiful narcissism of Donald Trump, it’s apparently the absolute truth. Oh, well. At least it’s not Vince McMahon.

Share this story if you’re as disgusted as we are that this is what American culture has become.


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