Racist Campaign Over, Trump Now Sucking Up to Mexican Billionaire

Donald Trump kicked off his popular-vote-losing campaign for the US Presidency with a strident and racist speech accusing Mexican immigrants of being rapists and drug smugglers. At every one of his fascist rallies over the subsequent 18 months, he attacked Mexico and Mexicans, and claimed he was going to build a border wall Mexico would have to pay for. (Of course, when he actually sat down with Mexico’s president, he was too scared to bring the subject up.)

Now that he’s being installed in the White House, though, Trump is reverting to the unprincipled greed and corruption he’s exhibited throughout his life, and that includes doing whatever business can be done with Mexico. According to the Washington Post, Trump recently had dinner with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, inviting him to his gaudy Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago. He’s even described Slim as “a wonderful man” in an official statement!

During the campaign, Slim strongly criticized Trump’s alleged intentions to scrap NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) and build his absurd border wall. Trump, for his part, accused Slim (who is the largest investor in the New York Times) of helping promote Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But for Trump, allegiances are as fluid in politics as they are in the world of professional wrestling. Wonder what the racist imbeciles who voted for him think now?


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