Trump Names Right-Wing Propagandist to National Security Council

Fox News Channel is the most important right-wing propaganda organization in the world, and one of the most dishonest as well, so it’s natural that the corrupt, constantly lying Trump cabal would hire its operatives for his “communications” staff. The Washington Examiner reports that the orange-skinned man-baby has named Monica Crowley to the position of senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council.

Crowley, who worked for former President Richard Nixon early in her career, was one of the tidal wave of blond women employed to push right-wing, pro-war propaganda in the run-up to the Iraq invasion under President George W. Bush. As recently as 2012, she was peddling lies about Iran, saying “we’re on the cusp of them having a nuclear weapon, if they don’t already” while guest-hosting The O’Reilly Factor. She then said that it seems to her that the Obama administration “almost want[s] Iran to have a nuclear weapon.” Since she seems as ignorant of the world as her new boss, she’ll surely fit right in. We can all look forward to four years of a smiling blond sociopath hard-selling whatever war this idiot blunders the US into, probably via a late-night tweet-storm.

Share this story if you’re as outraged by right-wing propagandists taking over the US government as we are!




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