Trump Planning to Hold On to His Private Goon Squad as President!

The US President is protected by the US Secret Service. That’s how it works. But popular vote loser and corrupt scumbag Donald Trump is too paranoid for that, it seems. According to Politico, he maintains a private security force led by Navy veteran and retired NYC cop Keith Schiller, a retired New York City cop and Navy veteran who started working for Trump in 1999. This security team was, of course, responsible for physically assaulting protesters during the campaign; several people who claim they were subject to racial profiling and/or excessive force at Trump’s fascist rallies are now suing him.

The Trump cabal plans to make Schiller the boss’s personal aide, but there will be limitations on his power that he didn’t have during the campaign. For example, he’ll be forbidden by law from carrying a gun into any federal buildings, and rules about who can carry on the White House grounds or in the presence of people receiving Secret Service protection are even more strict. (Schiller had been known to carry a gun during the campaign.)

Schiller is much more than the orange-skinned man-baby’s head of security, though. The idiotic Trump, who has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to be led to decisions by anyone who flatters him enough, also consults his bodyguard on other subjects. Politico quoted another Trump lackey describing Schiller as “kind of a consigliere…He knows all the players, all the properties. He has the confidence of Trump and of the family.”

This is just another example of Trump’s idiocy and myopia creating more problems than it solves. Maintaining a private goon squad will conflict with Secret Service operations; it will create confusion when organizing security for events; and it may well make the corrupt imbecile less personally safe than he’d be otherwise.

Share this story if you’re as convinced as we are that the idiot-in-chief’s distrust of the Secret Service is dangerous and stupid!


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