Corrupt Trump’s Secretary of State Runs a Joint US-Russian Oil Company!

Rex Tillerson, the ExxonMobil CEO who real estate con man turned US President-elect Donald Trump apparently thinks is qualified to be Secretary of State, has been the director of a US-Russian oil firm based in the Bahamas, where corporations go to avoid paying taxes. According to the Guardian, Tillerson has been a director of Exxon Neftegas, a Russian subsidiary of ExxonMobil, since 1998.

This is an astonishing display of corruption, even by the debased standards of the orange-skinned man-baby. This should make every thinking American question just how deep in bed Rex Tillerson is with his longtime friend Vladimir Putin—after all, ExxonMobil has been drooling over Russia’s vast oil and natural gas deposits for years, and Tillerson personally owns over $200 million in Exxon stock. It’s a virtual certainty that the moment the Trump cabal seizes power, sanctions against Russia will be removed and a joint venture between Exxon and the country’s state-owned oil company, Rosneft, will resume. The Obama administration shut it down in 2014, after Putin annexed Crimea and staged an undercover invasion of eastern Ukraine.

Trump has proved over and over again that despite his reputation for business acumen, he’s actually an idiot who repeatedly stumbles into bankruptcy, licenses his name to humiliatingly low-quality products, and generally diminishes his own brand as often as he improves it. Now he’s set to do to the United States what he’s done to his companies—run it into the ground in blind, imbecilic pursuit of imaginary rewards—aided by a Secretary of State who’s not only a corrupt oil executive, but who’s basically in the pocket of the Russian President.

Share this story if you’re as horrified as we are about this breathtaking corruption.


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