Corrupt Trump’s Treasury Nominee Works to Make His Boss Richer

Before he was tapped by the Trump cabal to be Secretary of the Treasury, very few people even knew Steven Mnuchin’s name. But a New York Times profile contains some very interesting information about exactly why the popular-vote-losing criminal who’s about to seize the White House chose this unknown to manage the country’s money.

Mnuchin was first hired by the orange-skinned man-baby to be his campaign’s finance chairman in May. Shortly thereafter, he started bringing in super-rich scumbags as major donors, among them billionaire investor John Paulson.

Mnuchin, while working for Trump, asserted that the US government should cease running Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage finance firms they bailed out in 2008. Following his statement, Fannie and Freddie stock prices rose sharply—which was likely very beneficial to Paulson, who has bet heavily on the prediction that the government will, in fact, return Fannie and Freddie to private investors. And it would also have benefited the corrupt President-elect, who’s got somewhere between $3 and $15 million invested with Paulson’s hedge fund.

Thus, it seems obvious that Steven Mnuchin’s primary job is to be the steward of the US economy…to exactly the degree that it enriches the repulsive real estate scammer squatting in the Oval Office.

Share this story if you’re as disgusted as we are by this brazen corruption!


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