Trump’s National Security Advisor Meets With Austrian Nazi

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the psychotic conspiracy theorist the Trump criminal organization wants to install as National Security Advisor, despite laws forbidding ex-members of the military from holding such positions for seven years after their service, may be the most dangerous person in that administration. Most of the repulsive Trump’s cabinet picks only have the ability to create havoc within the US economy and American society. This jabbering asshole, though, may well be able to convince the ADD-afflicted imbecile in charge to launch a war. And now he’s meeting with actual Nazis in Trump Tower…

The New York Times reports that Flynn recently met with Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of the so-called Freedom Party in Austria. This far-right-wing organization, founded by ex-Nazis in the 1950s, has recently been gaining power in their home country. They nearly won the presidency of Austria in November, narrowly losing in a runoff election. Now, as Strache wrote on Facebook, “Internationally, the Freedom Party continues to gain in influence.” In addition to meeting with Flynn, Strache has reportedly signed what he refers to as a cooperation agreement with United Russia, Vladimir Putin’s party.

Nazis, Putin’s Russian authoritarians…these are the people the Trump criminal organization is allying itself with. These are the people whose advice will enter the orange-skinned man-baby’s cavernous skull, planting seeds that will eventually flower into war and destruction—and, of course, massive profits for him and his corrupt cronies.

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