Trump Cabal Pressuring Foreign Countries to Host Events at His DC Hotel

That didn’t take long. Corrupt Donald Trump hasn’t even gotten his tiny hands on the levers of power yet, but he and his henchmen are already pressuring foreign governments into actions that directly benefit his businesses!

ThinkProgress reports that the Kuwaiti Embassy has cancelled plans to celebrate their country’s National Day at the Four Seasons hotel in Washington, DC—a venue they’ve used in prior years—and moved it to Trump’s overpriced, half-constructed dump. According to an anonymous source, Trump thugs contacted the Kuwaiti Ambassador and “encouraged” him to move his event to Trump’s DC hotel. The cancellation of the Four Seasons event came only a few days after the President-elect’s staff and cronies held an event for diplomats at the highly originally named Trump International Hotel, “encouraging” them to begin hosting events and booking stays.

The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which prohibits the president from receiving money from a foreign government or head of state, is directly applicable to deals exactly like the one with the Kuwaitis. And according to legal experts from both political parties, these deals are not only unconstitutional, they’re impeachable offenses.

Share this to make everyone you know aware of this disgusting behavior; if he’s committing impeachable offenses, then he must be impeached!



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