Trump Cabal Wants to Cut State Dept. Spending on Environment

The Trump cabal’s campaign against environmental science is already well documented; we posted about their attempt to root out Energy Department scientists who’d attended climate change conferences. And now, they’re pulling a similar trick at the State Department. According to the Washington Post, the popular vote loser’s thugs are now quizzing the department’s Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs about how they spend their money, asking, “How much does the Department of State contribute annually to international environmental organizations in which the department participates?”

On November 1, the orange-skinned man-baby told his knuckle-walking followers, most of whom think climate change is a hoax and the UN secretly runs the world, that he would “cancel billions of dollars in global warming payments to the United Nations.” That same day, his campaign stated that Trump would “cancel all wasteful climate change spending” once he got his tiny hands on the levers of power.

Share this if you believe the environment needs saving from the Trump criminal organization!


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