Corrupt Trump Wants to Destroy the US Trade Agency

For someone who whores his name across the globe, slapping it on any building or product whose owner will pay his extortionist licensing fees, US President-elect Donald Trump seems to have very little understanding of how trade negotiations actually work. Consequently, he’s aiming to make the Office of US Trade Representative, which actually negotiates treaties on behalf of the nation, a much lower priority than it deserves.

Politico reports that the Trump cabal is considering Jovita Carranza to head the office. She’s a member of Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council, so clearly she’s got experience being someone her boss never listens to. (According to Politico, she was brought in after he was criticized for failing to choose any Latinos for his Cabinet.) Which is a good thing, because according to apelike spokesman Jason Miller, Wilbur Ross, the billionaire scumbag Trump wants to be his Commerce Secretary, “will ultimately direct much of the administration’s trade policy at the direction of President-elect Trump.”

Whether this is corruption, or just idiocy, we can’t be sure yet. It’s probably both. Share this story to show your support for a sane trade policy!


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