Trump Aide Blows Off Meeting With Israeli Official – Because Swedish Neo-Nazi Won’t Be Included!

Another day, another Trump cabal advisor standing up for neo-Nazis. Becky Norton Dunlop, a deputy to the senior adviser for policy and personnel on the orange-skinned man-baby’s transition team, is in Israel for the Jerusalem Leaders Summit, a conservative political gathering including officials from the US and Europe. She was scheduled to meet with Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hotovely. But according to the Times of Israel, when it was announced that Kristina Winberg, a member of the Sweden Democrat party, would not be permitted to join the meeting, Dunlop and the rest of the right-wing delegation cancelled the meeting!

Emmanuel Nahshon, from the Israeli Foreign Ministry, said, “The Swedish representative is a member of a party with neo-Nazi tendencies and therefore the Foreign Ministry decided not to include her in the meeting with Hotovely. Unfortunately the entire group decided to cancel the meeting.” The Sweden Democrats describe their organization as “social conservative with a nationalist foundation,” and are strongly against what they call the “Homosex lobby” and the “Islamization of Sweden.” (Current estimates put Muslims at 5% of the Swedish population.)

Hovotely is herself an outspoken right-winger, a member of Israel’s Likud party, but once again, the Trump cabal has exhibited a preference for neo-Nazis over other groups.

Share this story if this frightens you as much as it does us!


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