Corrupt Trump Planning “Half-Blind Trust” to Duck Ethics Laws

There’s simply no way for popular vote loser Donald Trump to act ethically once he gets the levers of power in his tiny hands. He’s been involved in so many corrupt businesses, for so long—he’s so deeply entrenched in scumminess and criminality—that for him to disentangle himself from his lifetime of schemes and scams would take more than four years, even if he started today, which he has not done. So his best option is to find a way to at least look like he’s trying to comply with ethics laws. A truly honest person, which the odious Trump is obviously not, would set up a “blind trust,” by which his investments would be transferred to an institutional financial manager, who would oversee them without reporting any details. Assets that would cause conflicts of interest to arise would be sold off over time, and replaced with other assets that Trump would not be told about.

But there’s no way a morally (and frequently financially) bankrupt scumbag like the US President-elect would ever let that happen. So as Politico reports, he’s got his cabal searching for other options. They’ve reportedly seized on the idea of a “half-blind trust,” which will confer some of the legal benefits of a blind trust, while still allowing them to know how the Trump businesses are doing and to make money from their investments. Since it seems like Trump’s policies are based entirely on how much personal profit will be generated, this is an ideal strategy for him.

Unfortunately, it’s so blatantly corrupt that even former George W. Bush administration employees are taken aback. “It’s highly inappropriate,” according to Richard Painter, a former Bush II ethics lawyer currently working for watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “To have someone baby-sit your conflict-creating assets while you go around and do whatever you want, in my view that’s a violation of at least the spirit of the rules and that’s an abuse.”

In other words, standard operating procedure for the Trump crime family.

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