Trump’s Inaugural Being Written by Same Thug Who Wrote His Insane Campaign Speeches

Anyone expecting corrupt US President-elect Donald Trump to suddenly start presenting himself as a sane, dignified leader on Inauguration Day is going to be disappointed yet again. Politico reports that the orange-skinned man-baby has handed off the writing of his inaugural address to Stephen Miller, the same man who wrote Trump’s insane, ranting speech at the Republican National Convention—the one where he described America in nightmarishly dark terms and claimed, “I alone can fix it.” Remember this?

Reportedly, the Trump cabal is planning to take the same approach with the inaugural address, rehashing their dire rhetoric about America’s schools, infrastructure, and supposedly outdated military equipment. Let’s just hope it’s not an hour and 15 minutes long, like Trump’s last insane tirade was.

Share this story if you’re as sick of the Trump criminal organization’s doom-and-destruction view of America as we are!


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