Lying Trump Attacks China on Twitter, While Trying to Build 30 Hotels There!

Corrupt US President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked China since losing the popular vote but squeezing out an Electoral College victory. He’s accepted a congratulatory phone call from the President of Taiwan, infuriating mainland Chinese leaders. Ranting on his Twitter account, he attempted to turn China’s grabbing of an unmanned oceanographic robot (it was returned) into an international incident. He wants to make Peter Navarro, a protectionist lunatic who’s written books called Death by China and Crouching Tiger: What China’s Militarism Means for the World, the head of the new National Trade Council.

Meanwhile, according to the Washington Post, Trump Hotels wants to open as many as 30 luxury hotels in China—a goal which would require the company to negotiate directly with the Chinese government, while their popular-vote-losing boss rants against China on Twitter.

Trump and his sleazy crime family have been trying for over a decade to worm their way into the Chinese real estate market. He first tried to get his name trademarked for hotel and real estate services in China in 2005; it wasn’t approved until this year. In 2008, Trump Hotels colluded with Evergrande Real Estate, a massive Chinese firm, to develop an office tower in Guangzhou, but the deal fell apart. In 2013, Trump VP Todd Wynne-Parry said, “The Trump development team has identified Greater China as our top priority among high-potential emerging markets.” And in October, Trump Hotels boss Eric Danziger said at a Hong Kong hospitality industry conference, “There will definitely be Trump hotels in big Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai.”

Clearly, this corrupt slimeball has been saying one thing to the knuckle-walking redneck voters who expect him to Make America Great Again (whatever that means), and saying something entirely different to the Chinese government, whose asses he needs to kiss to get more of his vulgar hotels built!

Share this story if you’re as disgusted by his blatant lies as we are!


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