Corrupt Trump Planning to Hide From Reporters as President

Popular vote loser Donald Trump has every reason to duck the press—he’s up to his neck in financial scams and sleazy foreign entanglements, and he hasn’t even taken office yet! So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that, according to the New York Times, he and his cronies are planning to tear up the traditional relationship between the White House and the media, starting with the White House Press Room.

In an interview on right-wing hack Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Reince Preibus, who will serve as the corrupt Trump’s chief of staff, “I think it’s time to revisit a lot of these things that have been done in the White House, and I can assure you that change is going to happen.” He hinted that the Trump cabal, not the White House Correspondents’ Association, might control seating assignments in the press room.

(The WHCA traditionally handles seating, in order to avoid the appearance of favoritism. Trump, who regularly insults specific news outlets on his infantile Twitter account, has no such worries.)

Trump himself hasn’t held a press conference since July, and has repeatedly run away from the pool of journalists assigned to cover him—leaving them behind on his first trip to meet with President Obama, and sneaking out of Trump Tower to eat dinner at a restaurant without telling them. Some are even wondering if there will be a White House Correspondents’ Dinner under the Trump regime—after all, he was so brutally humiliated by President Obama at the 2011 dinner that he basically ran for President as revenge!

Share this story if you agree with us that the corrupt Trump cabal needs more scrutiny, not less!


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