Corrupt Trump Slams China – But Ivanka’s Clothes Are All Made There!

During his racist, idiotic campaign for President, popular vote loser Donald Trump was forever jabbering about China and how once he got his tiny hands on the levers of power, jobs would come back to America. Well, if that’s going to happen, he really should start at home—maybe by having a conversation with his daughter, Ivanka.

The New York Times has an in-depth report on just how much of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is manufactured in China. The short answer: nearly all of it.

Aside from those stupid red hats, Trump’s own clothing lines are mostly dead, like his line of steaks or Trump Vodka. But his daughter sells dresses, shoes, and jewelry in stores across the country. (In typical Trump fashion, she doesn’t actually design anything; she just licenses her name and collects checks. She told an interviewer, “When I started my business, I recognized where my strengths were and knew that I didn’t have any experience in production and manufacturing. I am not a designer. I am an entrepreneur.”)

It seems like the Trump family strategy, in the face of this massive gulf between rhetoric and reality, is to do what they always do: stonewall and keep the con rolling. “It’s great to say we want to do all of this, but we want to make responsible business decisions, too,” Ivanka Trump brand president Abigail Klem told the Times. And as always in Trumpworld, “responsible business decisions” translates to screwing whoever’s coming between them and profit.

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