Pathetic Trump Now Insisting He Doesn’t WANT Stars at Inauguration

Remember when the corrupt Donald Trump transition team was so desperate to round up someone, anyone, recognizable to perform at his inauguration that they were offering talent bookers ambassadorships as bribes? Well, after several weeks of public humiliation, the word has gone out that those grapes must be declared sour. TMZ is now pushing the popular vote loser’s insistence that he doesn’t want any stupid celebrities at his inauguration, anyway, so there!

According to a source who retained just enough shame to ask that he not be quoted by name (because you just know it was Trump himself), “It’s almost as January 20 doesn’t really matter to him, he’s looking forward to January 21—his first real work day in the White House.” That’s right, the man who created and hosted Celebrity Apprentice to surround himself with famous people, the man who made cameo appearances in every movie and ’80s TV sitcom that would have him, the man who acted out a staged rivalry with Vince McMahon on WWE programs, now claims he doesn’t care that every star in Hollywood and beyond has slammed their doors in his face when asked to celebrate his swearing-in.

Sure, Donald. Whatever you say.


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