Desperate Trump: Find Me a Hispanic for My Cabinet!

Corrupt Donald Trump has been busy filling as many cabinet positions as possible with big-ticket donors and his scuzzy business cronies. Unfortunately, that’s meant that he’s mostly surrounding himself with rich, old white men. Whoops!

Now, as Inauguration Day approaches, Politico reports that his team is frantically scouring the Earth for a Hispanic—any Hispanic—they can make Secretary of Agriculture, to prove they’re not racists.

Because, you know, explicitly seeking to put a Latino hire in charge of farming isn’t racist at all.

Mario Rodriguez, head of the Latino PAC Hispanic 100, has said, “I have spoken to numerous folks on the transition, and they say that he’s absolutely looking for qualified Latinos for a Cabinet post…He wants to put a Latino in the Cabinet, he’s not doing it just for show.”

Actually, it sounds like that’s exactly what he’s doing. Particularly when this is one of only two positions Latino candidates are being considered for. The other, the US Trade Representative, is a position Trump is actively seeking to undermine and rob of its authority.

Share this story if you’re as disgusted by Trump’s racist tokenism as we are!


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