Just How Many Wars Will Idiot Trump Start?

Corrupt, ignorant US President-elect Donald Trump is surrounding himself with generals, demanding increased military spending, and has even tweeted about stockpiling more nuclear weapons. According to the Washington Post, this isn’t just the dangerous idiocy of a rich-boy sociopath desperate for approval; it’s a philosophy—”peace through strength.”

Aides to the orange man-baby have stated that he views foreign policy, to the degree that he understands it at all, as transactional in nature, that it’s about winning. And his strategy is to do what’s worked for him in the past—shout a lot and try to intimidate people into giving him what he wants right now, regardless of the long-term consequences.

And, of course, he’s all about sucking up to the most authoritarian leaders in the world, including his best buddy Vladimir Putin and the Philippines’ murderous Rodrigo Duterte.

So the only question worth asking, at this point, is just how many wars this popular-vote-losing imbecile will fumble us into while trying to project “strength” on Twitter.

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