MSNBC Host Sucks Up to Trump, Then Lies About It on Twitter!

Former Republican congressman and current MSNBC morning show host Joe Scarborough has long been one of corrupt US President-elect Donald Trump’s most passionate advocates not directly employed by Breitbart or the Fox News Channel. Scarborough recently showed up at the orange man-baby’s New Year’s Eve festivities, held at his garish Mar-a-Lago compound for $500 a ticket. When this fact was reported by the New York Times, as part of a sloppy blowjob of an article, journalist Sopan Deb called it out on Twitter, provoking a furious response from the squinty-eyed cable news pontificator.

In a string of tweets, Scarborough accused Deb of publishing “fake news,” “making facts up” and being “snide”; he also called him a hack. Eventually, it emerged that he objected to the use of the term “partied” to describe his (and rumored girlfriend Mika Brzezinski’s) presence at…a party. According to Scarborough, the team/couple were there to solicit an interview, were there before the festivities began, “pushed our way through the crowd to the meeting” and “were stopped for about 30 seconds by well wishers.”

That 30-second interval must have been when this photo of Scarborough, Trump, and Brzezinski deep in conversation at the party was taken.


Joe Scarborough is a lying hack, a Republican suck-up, and a guaranteed source of favorable opinions of the disgusting Trump cabal for the next four years. Mark it down.

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