House Republicans Prepare for Corrupt Trump By Gutting Ethics Committee

Well, they had to do something. The most corrupt President-elect in US history is about to seize power, dragging all his conflicts of interest, shady business connections, and outright crimes into the White House like a trail of shitty toilet paper stuck to his heel. So, naturally, the House Republican Conference suddenly and without warning decided to virtually do away with the Office of Congressional Ethics. Because after all, once the orange man-baby takes over, ethics are just going to get in the way of government’s new purpose: enriching the Trump crime family and their thuggish associates!

The New York Times reports that late Monday, Representative Robert Goodlatte, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, announced the approval of the change, without any advance public notice or any debate. (Note: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, are making a show of being pissed about this. But that’s probably just because they weren’t consulted, not because they think the House requires ethical oversight. They’re Republicans, after all.) A new Office of Congressional Complaint Review, part of the House Ethics Committee, will take over the Office of Congressional Ethics’ role.

Remember, the OCE was created in 2008, following corruption scandals that earned three members of Congress prison terms. Before that, the House Ethics Committee made a practice of ignoring lawmakers’ crimes.

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken over yet, and the Republicans in the House are already demonstrating their eagerness to dive deep into the sewer with him, as long as there’s a buck to be made.

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