The Public Already Knows What an Idiot Trump Is

If you’re reading this, you’re well aware that popular vote loser Donald Trump is a corrupt stooge who’s repeatedly run his businesses into the ground. Unfortunately, a vast number of Americans (far from a majority, of course) thought he was exactly the man the US needed to run the show for the next four years, or until he’s impeached.

Well, Gallup has released a poll that may bolster your faith in some US citizens, as a majority are clearly onto this idiot. According to their results, only 44% of Americans are confident Trump will be capable of preventing major scandals in his administration (as opposed to being at the center of them); only 46% believe he’s up to handling an international crisis (as opposed to provoking one via his horrifying Twitter account); and only 47% believe he’ll use military force wisely.

These numbers are guaranteed to get even worse for the orange man-baby, as the scope of his corruption, criminality, and incompetence will surely become clearer to even the most pro-Trump observer every day he’s in the White House. So let’s make sure they stay in the public eye.

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