Trump’s First 100 Days: Get That Cash!

The hapless political press always latches onto the idea of the “first 100 days” of a US Presidency, because FDR accomplished so much in that period. Corrupt popular vote loser Donald Trump’s first 100 days look to be a bonanza of corruption and conflicts of interest virtually unprecedented in US history, but totally predictable given what a criminal scumbag he is.

Politico reports that the orange man-baby’s policy checklist, which includes radical rewrites of the tax code, the elimination of regulations governing the financial industry, and taking away millions of Americans’ health insurance, will result in billions of dollars going directly to him and his disgusting criminal family! For example, if the estate tax is repealed, Trump’s children may stand to gain as much as $4 billion, assuming that he’s as rich as he claims (he’s not) and that he dies soon.

Trump will also benefit from Republicans’ plans to rip apart the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law. Looser banking standards will make loans for commercial real estate easier to get and push through, driving up property prices and generating profits for real estate developers like the President-elect.

Once the Republicans destroy Obamacare, Trump and other rich shits will be free of several Medicare taxes which only impact the wealthiest Americans, including a 0.9 percent tax on earned income and a 3.8 percent surtax on capital gains, dividends and passive income generated from bank interest, rental property, patent royalties and the like.

Once again it’s crystal clear to any thinking observer (so that leaves out Trump’s knuckle-walking voters, obviously) that this man is literally running the US government for his own personal profit!

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