Crooked Trump Ripping Off DC Contractors for Millions!

Corrupt US President-elect Donald Trump is probably regretting ever opening a hotel in Washington, DC. He’ll be violating the terms of his lease the day he takes office; he spent most of today in a deposition after suing a chef who refused to open a restaurant in his gaudy dump; and now two contractors are coming after him for unpaid bills!

The Washington Post reports that Joseph J. Magnolia Inc. claims to be out nearly $3 million after completing “all plumbing, mechanical and HVAC work, along with site sewer, water, storm and water services” for the project. Just before Christmas, Magnolia was forced to file a mechanic’s lien against the Trump International Hotel for lack of payment.

Another firm, A&D Construction, filed a lien on Election Day! They claim they are owed nearly $80,000 for wall base and crown molding work done between June and October of 2016.

Mechanic’s liens are a way for contractors to formally complain about unpaid work on real estate projects. Liens are claims on the property’s title, and can make it harder for project owners to receive or renegotiate bank loans and payments. And if the dispute hasn’t been resolved 180 days after the lien is filed, contractors can then file suit. Furthermore, Trump’s lease with the GSA requires his company to notify the government in writing within 10 days of any mechanic’s lien being filed, and to discharge the liens (read: pay the people their money) within 30 days, unless they contest the claim.

Trump is legendary for stiffing people who do work for his company. The question is, will his criminal business practices become US government policy?

Share this story if you’re as disgusted by this man as we are!


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