Criminal Trump Facing Depositions, Settling Lawsuits Before Taking Office!

US President-elect Donald Trump is busy packing his cabinet with Wall Street crooks, right-wing maniacs, and totally unqualified cronies, but now he’s got to take time out to complete a deposition in a lawsuit related to his grotesque Washington, DC hotel!

Politico reports that the popular vote loser is being compelled to submit to a videotaped deposition in Trump Tower that could last as long as seven hours. The coward previously tried to get his lawyers to make this go away, but they were shut down.

The last President to undergo a deposition was Bill Clinton, when Paula Jones sued him for sexual harassment. Trump’s stems from his lawsuit against Washington, DC chef Jose Andres, who understandably backed out of opening a restaurant in Trump’s new hotel after the orange man-baby vomited up racist filth against Mexicans while announcing his campaign.

And this is hardly the only legal problem the disgusting Trump faces as he prepares to seize power! He and his crooked companies are involved in suits alleging that his thugs assaulted people outside Trump Tower; that tips were stolen at his New York SoHo hotel; and demanding millions of dollars’ worth of refunds for membership fees from his country club in Florida.

Trump recently offered a $25 million settlement to people defrauded by his “Trump University” scam, but appeals could drag that out all the way through his first (and hopefully only) term.

Who knows—maybe he’ll be so busy defending himself against lawsuits, he’ll hardly have any time for his plans to ruin the economy and start wars with his imbecilic tweets!

Share this story if you’re as horrified as we are that a criminal like this is about to become the US President!


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