Trump Tweets Plan to Steal Americans’ Health Insurance!

Historically unpopular US President-elect Donald Trump has a few key objectives in mind, once he gets his tiny hands on the levers of power: Maximize the amount of cash he can steal for himself and his corrupt family, ignorantly bluster America into unnecessary foreign conflicts, and destroy the Affordable Care Act.

The ACA, which has provided health insurance to millions of Americans and recently enjoyed a massive wave of enrollments, is the thing Republicans hate most in the world, even more than paying taxes. The orange man-baby and the thugs he surrounds himself with are hell-bent on repealing it, in the process throwing millions of sick Americans off insurance, to die or go bankrupt or both.

Naturally, the moronic Trump took to Twitter to “make” his “case.”


Every word above is a lie, including “and” and “the.” There is absolutely no chance Republicans and Democrats are going to “get together” to steal¬†millions of Americans’ health insurance. Furthermore, the Republicans have no plan beyond repealing Obamacare; they’ve never shown the slightest interest in replacing it with anything.

Share this story if you’re as enraged by Trump’s lies as we are!


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