Lying Trump’s Wall to Be Paid For by US Taxpayers (Of Course)!

When corrupt Donald Trump was conducting his fascist rallies all through 2016, one of his most crowd-pleasing routines was to claim his administration would build a wall sealing off the border with Mexico…and Mexico would pay for it!

It didn’t even matter that when he met with Mexico’s President, he was too scared to even bring the subject up, and scurried back to the US like a coward. His knuckle-walking followers loved the idea, and a vast number of them voted for him for precisely this reason.

Oops! CNN reports that the orange man-baby is now asking Congress to pay for the monumentally expensive, utterly useless wall. His transition team is telling Republican leaders that he would prefer to fund the project through budget appropriations, possibly as soon as April.

Crooked Trump knows letting this information get out was a major fuckup, though, because look what he tweeted this morning:


It’s not actually dishonest to report what his own team is saying, but whatever.

Share this story so people remember that no promise Trump makes will ever go unbroken!


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