Crooked Trump Giving Bribe-Taking Florida AG a New Job!

Corrupt US President-elect Donald Trump is rewarding another one of his loyal henchmen (henchwoman, in this case)!

Bloomberg News reports that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is being hired for a yet-undisclosed job in the Trump White House. Sean Spicer, spokesman for the Trump criminal organization, described Bondi as “a very trusted confidante and supporter of the president-elect” on a conference call with reporters.

During his campaign, Trump sent Bondi a $25,000 payoff (directly solicited by her, and illegally passed through his “charity,” the Trump Foundation). The goal was to make fraud claims related to his “Trump University” scam go away, and that’s exactly what happened—once the money was banked, Bondi’s office “decided” to drop the case.

As anyone who’s ever seen a mob movie or TV show knows, “no-show” jobs are a long-established way for mobsters to reward people within their organization. Perhaps that’s why Bondi’s actual title and job description haven’t been announced yet…

Share this story if you’re as disgusted by this brazen criminality as we are!



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