Trump to Let His Thugs Run Wild as President

President Obama was famously well-informed on everything that concerned his White House, keeping a close eye on his cabinet secretaries’ activities and weighing in with his own opinions and ideas often. This was one major reason his administration was so scandal-free for eight years.

Politico reports that corrupt imbecile Donald Trump is planning to take the opposite approach, allowing the crooked plutocrats he’s stuffing his cabinet with to run wild, while he focuses on maintaining his personal brand. According to people who know Trump (which is why they’re unwilling to give their names in print), the President-elect “doesn’t usually like getting into day-to-day minutiae or taking lengthy briefings on issues. He doesn’t have particularly strong feelings on the intricacies of some government issues and agencies, these people say, and would rather focus on high-profile issues, publicity and his brand.”

So: The orange man-baby doesn’t care enough about many major issues to have positions on them, and because he has the attention span and intellectual development of a small child, he tends to agree with the last person he speaks with before making a decision. Is it any surprise that he’s already being surrounded by sharks with their own agendas? These criminals, who know what he doesn’t and will be able to take advantage of him on a daily basis, are soon to be profiting at the expense of the American people!

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