Trump’s Companies are Nearly $2 Billion in Debt!

According to a report assembled by the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump’s companies are nearly $2 billion in debt to more than 150 institutions! While presidential candidates are required to disclose their finances to the FEC, that only applies to companies they fully control. The Trump cabal thus claimed their orange-skinned leader was “only” $315 million in debt.

But when you add companies in which his stake is at least 30 percent, the total leaps by $1.5 billion, much of which has been repackaged and bought by investors—people who are effectively betting that the Trump criminal organization will continue to prove profitable.

There are two closely related problems here. The first is that the corrupt President-elect is now in charge of regulating the very companies to whom he owes money. The second is that if his businesses lose value (and remember, Trump has gone bankrupt several times already), those companies will then have significant leverage over him, and by extension the US government.

Among the companies carrying millions of dollars’ worth of debt on Trump’s companies’ behalf are Wells Fargo (currently being investigated for fraud), MetLife (currently fighting government regulation in court), and the Bank of China. You know, China—the country Trump attacks on Twitter on more or less a weekly basis.

Share this story if you’re as horrified by this as we are!


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