What Is Trump Hiding From the US Ethics Office?

Donald Trump’s corrupt cronies and hangers-on must think if nobody tells them which laws and ethical guidelines they’re breaking, their crimes won’t count, or something. CNBC reports that the Office of Government Ethics has been unable to gain access to the Trump transition team since the election, meaning none of the popular vote loser’s cabinet picks have been vetted or had their financial information reviewed!

Walter Shaub, director of the OGE, emailed the Trump cabal in November, telling them that “we seem to have lost contact with the Trump-Pence transition since the election” and that their sleazy actions risked “embarrassment for the President-elect” (as though he’s capable of embarrassment), if cabinet picks were announced before the ethics office had a chance to look through their finances. Well, guess what’s been happening all along?

“If we don’t get involved early to prevent problems,” Shaub told Trump’s thugs, “we won’t be able to help [White House aides who break Federal laws] after the fact.”

The crooked Trump has repeatedly run away from ethical questions, refusing to ever release his tax returns and repeatedly re-scheduling a press conference, intended to explain how he’s going to separate the US’s political interests from his sleazy business deals. It’s become obvious that he’s planning to treat the White House as just one more branch of his highly debt-ridden, multiply bankrupt business “empire.”

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