Corrupt Trump Makes Ivanka’s Husband a “Senior Advisor”!

Once again we see that the criminal Donald Trump regards the US Presidency as nothing more than a vehicle for enriching himself and his repulsive family!

The New York Times reports that in blatant defiance of anti-nepotism laws, the popular vote loser has announced that his daughter Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, is to be a “senior White House advisor.” Kushner, a sleazy real estate developer like his father-in-law (and the publisher of the financially troubled New York Observer), plans to sell his assets to his mother and brother, giving himself just enough legal cover to pretend he’s not going to use his new political power to enrich himself. His wife, meanwhile, claims to be stepping down from management of the Trump Organization and her fashion brand.

Kushner will attempt to duck ethics questions by refusing a government salary, and claims to want to focus on issues involving the Middle East and Israel. He will also attempt to create government partnerships with private industry (in other words, sniff out opportunities for bribes and payoffs); and collaborate with incoming commerce secretary Wilbur Ross. Given the orange man-baby’s lazy, hands-off approach to governing, Kushner is likely to have unprecedented power—and, like most of the Trump cabal, he has zero experience in politics, so this is surely gonna go great.

Share this story if you’re as disgusted by this raw corruption as we are!


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