Is Donald Trump a Pervert, a Russian Puppet, or Both?

Is the US President-elect a piss freak? This is the question raised after a shocking intelligence report was leaked (no pun intended)!

The New York Times reports that both the orange man-baby and President Obama, as well as Congressional leaders from both parties, were informed about reports that Russia possessed disgusting and compromising personal information about Trump. (The full document can be read here.) It included this, frankly, insane story:


Obama has not commented; sadly, the pathetic and corrupt Trump has wrapped himself in his favorite security blanket, Twitter. He has tweeted the following denials since the report was released:



Because, you know, when the Russian government denies spying on people, you can totally take their word for it.


Except for all the times he and his sons have sold property to Russians, sought Russian partnerships for business ventures (many of which eventually went bankrupt, of course), etc., etc. (See here for more.)

Perhaps the saddest/funniest tweet from the pitiful, compromised President-elect, though, was this one:


No, we’re not living in Nazi Germany…yet, but Trump has enough people with Nazi connections in his organization to make it a legitimate question.

Share this story if you’re as worried as we are that the US President is, in fact, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian government!


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