Trump is the Most Unpopular President-Elect in History!

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, given that the US is about to hand power over to a thin-skinned, criminally corrupt, ignorant man-baby with rage issues and absolutely no idea of the scope of his new job. But Politico reports that a new Quinnipiac poll reveals that President-elect Donald Trump’s approval rating is a dismal 37%!

Outgoing President Obama, meanwhile, has a 55% approval rating—his best score in seven years. Clearly, Americans are taking a hard look at the pathetic asshole who just squeezed out the narrowest of Electoral College victories, while losing the popular vote by a nearly three million-vote margin, and they’re not happy.

Only 12 percent of voters believe Trump will be a “great” president; 30 percent think he will be “good”; 20 percent say he will be “not-so-good”; and a full 32 percent already realize he will be a “bad” president.

37% approval rating, and he hasn’t even gotten his tiny hands on the levers of power yet! By the end of his first hundred days, we fully expect Trump to have approval ratings like his on-again, off-again buddy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie! (In December, Christie’s approval rating was 18 percent.)

Share this story if you’re as ashamed as we are that this man is America’s next President!


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