Trump Poses With Blank Papers at Phony News Conference!

Corrupt idiot Donald Trump staged a rally disguised as a press conference yesterday, packing the audience with staffers who clapped loudly and laughed at his “jokes” while he shouted down reporters who tried to ask questions. As he lied and stonewalled from the podium, he stood beside a giant pile of manila folders full of paper, which he claimed were documents relating to his plan to give control of his companies to his sons, Uday and Qusay Donald Jr. and Eric. (This plan has already been rejected by government ethics officials, but the Trump crime family doesn’t care.)

But UK newspaper The Independent reports that the folders were filled with blank sheets of paper! Reporters were not allowed to look at them, and the sheets that were visible didn’t have page numbers, highlighting, or Post-It notes on them—all of which are necessary for paperwork that lawyers and accountants would be working on! Also, the folders themselves were entirely blank, despite the idiot man-baby claiming each one related to a different one of his companies!


He really thinks we’re as stupid as he is!

Share this story if you’re as disgusted by this criminal’s antics as we are!


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