Trump Meets With French Fascist Marine Le Pen!

The ties between corrupt US President-elect Donald Trump and European far-right movements are strong and well-documented. One of his advisors blew off a meeting in Israel when a Swedish neo-Nazi party wasn’t invited, and now the leader of the French extreme right, Marine Le Pen, has been spotted in Trump Tower!

The Guardian reports that Le Pen, a long-shot candidate for the French presidency (the election is in May), refused to tell reporters whether she was in New York to meet with the orange man-baby. But why else would she interrupt her campaign to fly to America? Le Pen’s Front National was strongly pro-Trump during his campaign, and she shares many of his most repulsive and ignorant views, including a hatred of immigrants and economic protectionism. And like Trump, Le Pen regularly sucks up to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s spokesman, Sean Spicer, has denied that his boss was meeting with Le Pen, saying “Trump Tower is open to the public.” Of course, a denial that stupid and childish, coming from a member of the Trump criminal organization, makes it a virtual certainty that the two did meet. Now we just have to wait for Trump himself to tweet about how much he likes the fascist Frenchwoman.

Share this story if Trump’s ties to neo-Nazis and right-wing European political movements scare you as much as it does us!


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