Idiot Trump Makes Rudy Giuliani Head of Cyber Security!

Donald Trump doesn’t use computers. (His idiotic Twitter account is fed through his phone.) That’s why he uses moronic phrases like “the cyber” when asked to talk about issues relating to Internet security, etc. But because he’s decided he needs to make a show of caring about hacking and information theft, he’s appointed a head of cyber security. And because he’s a corrupt criminal, he’s put someone just as corrupt as him in that position: Rudy Giuliani.

Since leaving the New York City mayor’s office, Giuliani has been scamming major corporations by pretending he has expertise in this area. He’s the head of global cyber security at the Greenberg Traurig law firm, and his sleazy “consulting firm,” Giuliani Partners, has done work for LifeLock, a company that runs daytime TV ads offering to protect scared old ladies from identity theft. (The Federal Trade Commission fined them for over-promising their services.)

As Politico points out, Giuliani doing similar work for the Trump administration could prove to be a major business generator for his law firm and consulting company. And while the conflicts of interest will be as blatant and disgusting as anything else connected to either of these slimeballs, they won’t be subject to federal ethics laws!

The trick here is the same one Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is pulling: Giuliani will be working as a volunteer, not a government employee. So he’ll be staying on in his full-time jobs, while calling himself a special adviser to the orange man-baby. He’ll get his business clients in the room with Trump, wait around while they try to explain cyber security to the toddler-in-Chief, and eventually there will be some kind of quid pro quo or payoff in it for Giuliani. (There will be. Trust us on this.)

Share this story if you’re as disgusted by this transparent grifting as we are!




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