Trump Found Some Suckers to Play His Inauguration

Well, it finally happened: Some entertainers were greedy and desperate enough to perform at inaugural ceremonies for the most corrupt, criminal President-elect in American history! On Thursday, January 19, the “Make America Great Again!” Welcome Celebration will take place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and the “entertainment” will include:

• Early-2000s radio rock also-rans 3 Doors Down
• Country lummox Toby Keith
• Broadway performer Jennifer Holliday
• DJ Ravidrums
• Lee Greenwood (the “God Bless the USA” guy)
• The Piano Guys
• Tim Rushlow (another country guy)
• Larry Stewart (another country guy)

Go ahead and Google these people. We’re sure you’ll be as unimpressed as we were.

Share this story so everyone knows which entertainers are willing to line up and kiss this corrupt fascist’s ring!


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