Is Michael Flynn a Russian Agent? He Sure Acts Like One!

On December 29, the day President Obama announced sanctions on Russia in retaliation for their hacking and other efforts to destabilize the election, corrupt Donald Trump’s nominee for National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, made five phone calls to the Russian ambassador!

Reuters reports that all that frantic phone work happened between the time the Russian embassy was informed of the sanctions, and the announcement by Trump’s patron, Vladimir Putin, that he had decided not to engage in any reprisals—a decision an ass-kissing Trump called “very smart” on his idiotic Twitter account!

If Flynn was calling to soothe the Russians’ hurt feelings, he may have been in violation of the Logan Act. The law, which dates back to 1799, forbids unauthorized US citizens (you know, like people who aren’t even representatives of a Presidential administration yet) from negotiating with foreign governments with which the US government is in dispute.

But Flynn’s not just anybody, not when it comes to Russia. He sat at the head table with Putin at a 2015 Moscow banquet in honor of Russia Today, a propaganda network that broadcasts internationally! So the question is, who does Michael Flynn really work for—the US government, or Vladimir Putin?

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