Trump To Kill 2.5 Million Jobs!

Corrupt Donald Trump’s idiotic plan to destroy the Affordable Care Act will cost the US more than 2.5 million jobs!

According to Forbes, health care industry lobbies are reporting that repealing the ACA, as the orange man-baby and his Congressional thugs plan to do, would destroy America’s hospitals and health care systems. A recent jobs report showed major growth in health industry jobs—the ACA has helped reduce unemployment under President Obama, a trend the imbecile Trump seems determined to reverse!

Beth Feldpush, senior VP of policy and advocacy at America’s Essential Hospitals, a group representing public health care systems, told Forbes, “Given that our hospitals already operate with no margin on average, it’s hard to see how they could avoid layoffs if repeal increases uncompensated care.”

The Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University recently published a report saying that, if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, 2.6 million people would lose their jobs in a single year! The destruction would be felt across all 50 states, and affect other industries besides health care, including real estate, construction, insurance and more!

Share this story if you’re as scared as we are about Trump’s plans to destroy America’s health care system—and its economy!


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