Trump is Least Popular President-Elect in Modern History!

Barring some truly unforeseen circumstance, disgusting criminal Donald Trump will be seizing power on Friday, January 20. But the American public is already onto him, as his CNN reports his 40% approval rating is the lowest in modern history!

When President Obama entered the White House in January 2009, his approval rating was more than double Trump’s—84%! In 1992, Bill Clinton’s was 67%! Even George W. Bush, dogged by accusations that he was handed the election by a corrupt Supreme Court, entered office with a 61% approval rating—more than 20 points better than Trump!

A RealClearPolitics average actually gives the orange man-baby a slightly better number; when nine polls are combined, Trump has a 42.7% approval rating. Still, his disapproval number averages out to 48.7%—a six-percent negative spread!

Share this story if you’re as hopeful as we are that the American people may have already turned on this repulsive clown—let impeachment be coming soon!


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