Austrian Nazis Coming to Trump’s Inaugural!

The bonds between corrupt Donald Trump and his racist thugs, and right-wing politicians across Europe, are strong and well-documented. Now, those connections are going to be made even more explicit, as the leader of Austria’s neo-Nazi Freedom Party and a delegation are coming to Trump’s inauguration!

According to The Local, an English-language Austrian news site, Freedom Party head Heinz-Christian Strache announced on his Facebook page that he would be leading a group of his fellow neo-Nazis to Washington, DC this week! In his statement, he claimed that there was a high level of interest in his delegation’s visit from certain Americans.

Here’s the original announcement, if you can read German:


Strache was allegedly invited by psychopathic right-wing Congressman Steve King of Iowa, a loudmouth racist and general thug. King traveled to Vienna in October to visit with Freedom Party members. For his part, Strache held a meeting with a Trump adviser shortly before the US election, and recently visited Moscow in an attempt to strengthen relations between Austria and Russia.

Sounds like Donald Trump’s love affair with Vladimir Putin could easily become a three-way, with the addition of an Austrian neo-Nazi!

Share this story if you’re as horrified by this as we are!


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