Crooked Trump Puts Anti-Civil Rights Lawyer in Charge of Civil Rights!

Crooked Donald Trump has found just the right sleazeball to serve as his Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights—John Gore, of the firm Jones Day.

Jones Day lawyers are filling a total of 13 positions in the Trump criminal organization, from the White House to Capitol Hill. Don McGahn, the new White House Counsel, was also general counsel for the Trump campaign. Investigative reporters will want to look into Jones Day’s other clients, as there are certain to be conflicts of interest all over the place.

Gore is an expert on civil rights legislation…from exactly the wrong side! He’s spent years defending Republican legislators when they push racist or politically motivated redistricting and voter-restriction policies!

In 2012, he defended redistricting plans in Florida, New York, and South Carolina, all created with the intention of making it harder for Democrats to get elected, and easier for Republicans to stay in office. He also defended Florida Governor Rick Scott when his attempt to purge non-citizens from the voting rolls in 2012 also eliminated legal voters, most of whom tended to vote Democratic.

He’s already at work, too! Only hours after his appointment was announced, the Justice Department requested a delay in a Texas hearing challenging that state’s voter ID law. The Obama administration Justice Department opposed the voter ID provision—it seems obvious that the Trump cabal will be for it!

Share this story if blatant civil rights violations offend you as much as they do us!


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