Insane Donald Trump Lying to Congress About Election Results!

Donald Trump is insane. His daddy didn’t love him enough, so he’s spent his entire adult life trying to be the big man, respected by all, or at least feared.

But he only halfway won the election. Sure, he squeezed out an Electoral College victory in a few Midwestern states, but Hillary Clinton beat him by close to three million actual votes. And while somewhere in the neighborhood of 250,000 people showed up for his inauguration, more than double that number showed up the next day…to protest him! With an approval rating of less than 40 percent, he’s the least popular incoming President in modern history!

In the days since taking office, he’s spewed one lie after another about the election, the inauguration, and its aftermath. He went to the CIA and spent the majority of his speech lying about how many people turned out to see him sworn in. He forced his press secretary, Sean Spicer, to repeat those lies in a shouty harangue directed at reporters with whom he’ll have to maintain a relationship in the future. And now, he’s lying about the election to Congress!

The Washington Post reports that the pathetic Trump spent the first ten minutes of a meeting with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders insisting that he would have won the popular vote, had it not been for millions of illegal votes! In fact, there were exactly four votes cast in the 2016 Presidential election that proved to be fraudulent.

Trump’s desperate, delusional lies are the sign of a rapidly deteriorating mind. Remember, he’s 70, so brain rot may well be setting in. There have also been rumors that he uses prescription amphetamines to maintain his busy schedule and late hours. Still, this behavior is more sad than anything else.

He’s the president—why isn’t that enough for him?

If he feels so bad about it, he can always resign!



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